COVID19 – Updated for Phase 3

Pacific United Soccer Club
COVID-19 Phase 2 Plan
September 1, 2020

Effective September 7, 2020, Pacific United Soccer Club will commence phase 2 of its COVID-19 return to play plan. Programs will be modified to start the season as per the guidelines mentioned below.

Phase 2 will encompass guidelines set by the VIASPORT’s activity chart. The VIASPORT activity chart can be viewed here: VIASPORT Activity Chart.

In addition, BC Soccer Association has provided soccer specific guidelines as a precaution for COVID-19 exposure. The above document can be viewed here: BC Soccer: Return to Play Phase 2.


Cohorts will be restricted to a maximum of four (4) teams per cohort. Cohorts are specific to soccer activities only which means that other sports and activities are not included or affected by the guidelines. It is very important that teams do not conduct soccer activities outside of their cohorts. In addition, teams will only play three (3) other teams per schedule. If needed, it is possible to change cohorts as long as there is a minimum break of two weeks between games played.

Players are NOT allowed to participate in multiple cohorts. This includes supplemental and academy training unless the other environment is still in phase 1 (NO CONTACT). If a player is found to be in more than one cohort, they will be requested to choose one environment and sit out from all Pacific United FC activities for two weeks.


COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment – PRIOR TO ATTENDING ANY SESSION, please ensure that you self-check for any COVID-19 symptoms. If you are experiencing ANY symptoms please do not attend any training or games until you have been medically cleared to return.

COVID-19 symptoms can be found here: COVID-19 Symptoms List

COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool: BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool

Hand Sanitizer – All players are requested to keep personal hand sanitizer in their bags and use it upon entry and exit of the facilities.
Hand-Sanitizer will also be provided by Pacific United FC at its facilities.

Masks – Currently, masks are not required to be worn during training and games. However, players can wear them if they wish to choose so.

Player Equipment – Players are expected to bring their own personal equipment and drinks. Sharing equipment and drinks is not permitted. As an additional precaution, please keep your personal equipment marked and separated from other player’s equipment.


In Phase 1 we had modified our registration fees as activities consisted of only training. Now that we are in phase 2, the remaining registration fee will be required. This fee will cover essential needs such as referee fees, extra field space, uniforms, health & safety precautions, etc…

The safety of our staff and players is of our upmost priority. As the situation changes, Pacific United FC will adapt and evolve to provide the safest environment and soccer experience we possibly can. We appreciate your trust and patience as we continue to accommodate these difficult circumstances.