The head coach of Inter Miami spoke about Messi, who missed the third match in a row

Inter Miami head coach Gerardo Martino explained the decision not to leave striker Lionel Messi on the field in the US Cup final against Houston Dynamo. Messi, who moved to Inter Miami in the summer, missed this match due to a muscle injury.

Martino stressed that the decision not to allow Messi on the field was justified and focused on his health. He stressed that Messi's game at this moment could entail risks for his condition and health. The coach also stressed that the team will monitor Messi's condition and make decisions about his participation in matches as he recovers.

This move by the coach underlines the concern for the health and physical fitness of Messi, who is a key player for Inter Miami. We hope that Messi will return to the field soon and will continue to delight the fans with his game.

The name "Dynamo" for football clubs has historical roots and is associated with both law enforcement agencies and the energy industry. In many cases, clubs with this name have a military or energy origin, which is reflected in their history and symbolism.

Law enforcement agencies: In many countries, Dynamo clubs were created by law enforcement agencies, such as the police, the army or other law enforcement agencies. The name "Dynamo" symbolized the power successes and activities of sports teams created by these organizations. Examples of such clubs are Dynamo Moscow and Dynamo Kyiv.

Energy Industry: Some Dynamo clubs are named after the energy industry or cities associated with this industry. For example, "Houston Dynamo" in the USA was named after the energy industry of the city of Houston.

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As a result, the name "Dynamo" for football clubs may have different historical roots, but it is usually associated with strength, energy and activity, which symbolizes the desire for success and victories on the field.

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