Spalletti and the Italian Football Federation are ready for trial with Napoli

Coach Luciano Spalletti was in the spotlight because of the current contract with Napoli and his recent appointment as head coach of the Italian national team. According to information from Sky Sport, it is reported that neither Spalletti himself nor the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) are concerned about the current situation.

Spalletti was previously the coach of Napoli, but broke his contract with the club. According to the terms of the contract, if he decides to return to coaching in the 2023/2024 season, he will have to pay compensation in the amount of € 3 million.

The important point is that Spalletti signed a contract with FIGC without paying the additional € 3 million that Napoli demanded. This raises questions and may lead to legal disagreements on the part of the former club. However, it is reported that both FIGC and Spalletti have been consulting with lawyers for a long time to be ready to answer any questions and possible lawsuits in the courts.

The appointment of Spalletti as the head coach of the Italian national team, announced on August 18, was a significant event. This experienced coach brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team, arousing the interest of football experts and fans.

In general, the current situation highlights the complexities and subtleties associated with contracts and transitions in the world of sports, as well as the level of importance and influence of coaches in the football environment.

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