Guardiola — about Brighton coach De Derby

Manchester City head coach Josep Guardiola shared his vision of the role of a football coach, while giving interesting examples of Brighton coaches Roberto De Derbi and Juventus Massimiliano Allegri.

Guardiola stressed how important it is to understand that all coaches and teams, despite the differences in the style of play, are always focused on winning. He said: "Look at what kind of football Allegri and De Derbi teams play. Do you think one wants to win and the other doesn't? De Derby doesn't play for aesthetics, he plays to win. Many people think that his style of play is the best way to win and that it's so easy. Everyone wants to win. I've never met a coach or a player who didn't want to win, or someone who didn't want to play well."

These words of Guardiola emphasize the importance of competition and striving for success in the world of football. Even in different styles of play, coaches and players always share a common goal - to achieve victory and play at the highest level.

At the moment, Manchester City is in third place in the English Premier League standings, having scored 18 points after eight rounds of the current season. With such a leader as Josep Guardiola, the team remains one of the main graduate students to win the championship and national and world tournaments.

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